24 Hours

20120610-181707.jpgRecently, I saw this picture on someone’s Facebook page and I couldn’t resist it.

I recently realized that a phrase had exited my vocabulary.  When Michelle and I started this journey of church planting, we used to say we lived 24 hours at time.

Just wait to see what the next 24 hours looks like for us.

This picture serves as a great visual reminder of the fact that life changes so quickly.  One minute it could be one way.  The next minute life could be entirely different.

Surfing appears similar.  One minute you caught the top of the wave.  The next minute finds you under it.

Just wait.  You don’t know what the next 24 hours holds.

You just know the God who holds it.

He controls the winds and the waves. He can change any situation.  Wait patiently on him and Don’t Fret!


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