3 miles

I started major working out on Monday.  It was hard and if you have read any of the previous posts you know how bad it has been.  I was dying when I got off the treadmill Monday night.   So much so, that Sherman had to remind me to put my hands behind my head and look up to breathe.   It was bad.

Tonight I took a major step forward.  In five days, I have watched my cardio functions increase so dramatically that tonight I had a major breakthrough.  Tonight I say myself do something I thought was impossible.   Until any significant achievement was out of my reach.

Tonight I believed and something came out of me in an amazing way.

Check out what the treadmill read when I finished:

Yep,  You are reading that one correctly.  3 miles.  Can you believe that in just a week I could push my body to do that?   Now I just have to run it a few times and we will be on to the next milestone.  Gotta keep pushing…..

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