5 Keys to Choosing the Right Bible For You

Choosing the Right Bible for You

Most of us pick our Bible by how it fits the outfit we are wearing.   We get a pretty one that looks good next to the suit or dress we will be wearing.  Yet, since God speaks to us through the Bible, we really need to explore which Bible translation works best for us.

Bible translation philosophies differ from translation to translation. The ESV translators worked from a different premise than the NIV translators.  The KJV translators didn’t have all the manuscript pieces that the modern translators did.

I designed this blog series, 5 Keys to Choosing the Right Bible For you, to help you pick the right bible for you.  Every Thursday for the next few weeks we will look at how translations evolved, keys for you to pick the right one, and evaluate several modern translations.

This post will serve as a table of contents of sorts and gives easy access from the Blog Series page.  I will update the posts as we go along.

1. The Reason We Translate

2. Key #1: Concept behind the Translation

3. Key #2: Readability

4. Key #3: Understandability

5. Key #4: Reliability

6. Key #5

7. Evaluating the ESV

8. Evaluating the NIV

9. Evaluating the KJV

10.  Evaluating the NASB

11.  Discussing other types of Bibles (Paraphrases, etc.)

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