Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel with several men to a Conference put on by Ligonier Ministries.   The Conference was a series of lectures and preaching moments on the attributes of God.  It was an amazing time to hear some amazing men speak about who God is and how we interact with Him in this world.   Dr. R.C. Sproul was the speaker for the talk that affected me the most.  He spoke on Aseity.  The fact that God’s existence doesn’t depend on outside forces.  He is really the only being or person who could claim being status.  We are dependent on God and are trapped inside of time.  We change from moment to moment.  We are truly becomings, not beings.

This has stayed with me through the years as I have worked with people to become more like Jesus.  So here is a little bit about my process of becoming:

My name is Danny Price II.  I am a father/son, husband, brother, and follower of Jesus.  I lead a group of people known as Hope Community Church.  Our goal is to change the world for Jesus.  This can only happen when we look like Him first.  This is the record of my trying to look more like Him and less like myself.  It is also a record of my strivings to know God better as I help Michelle, Aidan, Joshua, and Gabriella know him better.


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