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The Process of Becoming Comment Policy and Guidelines:

There is a process for every individual.  These pages represent my process and how my mind works.  An engaged mind must express itself.  Otherwise, the mind withers and ends up souring.  Therefore, I love it when readers engage with posts that germinated within my mind.  I value each and every person who brings thoughts and ideas to the table.   Because I feel this way, I want to take a minute to give each of us an idea of the culture we are trying to create here.

We want to create a culture where we can discuss ideas openly and plainly.  We want to look for the truth and beauty God has created in each individual.  I value each person, who is created in the image of God.  The discussions created here will help each person’s process grow naturally and we need to respect it in a way that honors God who created us in his image.

There are certain things that I request from every person who comments here.  Please review them and give me a holler if you find anything that does not set right with you.

  1. What you say belongs to you and what I saw belongs to me.  It cuts both ways.  First, this means that you are responsible for your comments and they remain your opinions.  Second, this means that stuff I create belongs to me.  If you quote me, please credit me using my twitter or Facebook username.
  2. I promise to allow you to express yourself as freely as possible.  This ability is important to our processes.  However, I reserve the right to moderate, delete or change the content of any comment.    If this becomes necessary, I will note it as such so that there is clarity.
  3. Because of this, you must agree to hold harmless me or any blogger here at against any damages or repercussions.
  4. Comments require a valid name, a valid email address, and a valid and legitimate URL.  You may want to use a user name that is not your real name.  That is cool.  I understand the idea of persona.  I played World of Warcraft.   Please also note that your Facebook URL is considered legitimate.
  5. Please do not place affiliate links in your comments.  They will be treated as spam.  You may link to your blog so that people travel from here to there and back.  Please also try to limit the amount of links that you put into comments.
  6. Please note that I will automatically moderate any attack on a writer or commentator.  Please check your language at the door.  I recognize that each person has different convictions about their language.  Please make sure that you are honoring of other people and of me.
  7. You can check out the privacy policy I have crafted to protect you and everyone who comments here.  Along with those ideas, I use Akismet to protect this blog against spam.  I hate spam and will do my best to protect YOU so please do the same for me.

As long as you abide by these guidelines, we will have a great and unique culture.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

I am so excited about your participation.  Please comment and create discussions!!!

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