Act of Valor – Thanks to all who serve!

Tonight I took some time off to have a date night with my wife.  I recently read a report that movie food has an amazing amount of calories.  Combine the calories in the popcorn and nachos with the tons of Dr. Pepper I would have and wow!

Anyway, we skipped the snacks and ate before we got there.  We bought a bottle of water and my wife got some candy.

We saw Act of Valor.  This movie promises to be based on actual events and star active duty SEALs.   I am a little surprised that they could make it happen.  Good storyline compounded by gratuitous violence and men being brave makes this a great tribute to the SEALs.

Definitely a good movie.  I would recommend you leave the kids and wife at home.  My wife almost lost it when they broke out the drill during the torture scene.

On a final note, thanks to our men and women who serve in the armed forces.  We get to sleep better tonight knowing you are on station and down range.  We pray for your safety and hope for you safe and speedy return.

God bless you…..

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