Anger Management

Everyone thinks that pastors have their acts together no matter what happens in their life.  I live as an example of some who wants to have his act together but doesn’t.  I want to but I don’t.  During this process of working on my weight, I have spent time working other issues I face.

I have anger issues.  They stem from experiences in my life.   They exist and if not dealt with will destroy me.   Sounds so dramatic doesn’t it.

In some ways it is and in others not so much.  The good part: I don’t have to keep them.  I joined a group on Mondays that allows pastors to work through their issues needing recovery.  We work through our issues together so none of us have to work out these issues alone.

We use a curriculum called “Celebrate Recovery.”  This series of four books gives a path to overcoming addictions and recovery issues.  It helps a person connect with God in a way that allows us to overcome parts of our life.  For me, it helps me to identify the root of my anger and deal with it.

Let’s face it: we all have issues.  Weight isn’t my only one and it won’t be my last one.  God has allowed me to get the tools to work through these issues and ultimately help others through them too.

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