Blaze the Dragon!

Today, I had the amazing opportunity to go and set up a booth at Forrester Elementary School.   They had a Health and Fitness day featuring the RVLtion. Vicki DeMark and her husband did an amazing job of organizing a workout and several hours of open gym.  My family and I got to meet Blaze the Forrester Dragon.  He came around and got pictures with people.  We took this moment to grab a family photo.

Mr. Davenport, the principal, really believes the community together can overcome unhealthiness.  So he has opened the gym the last Saturday of every month for a family fun day.

Every where inside and out people played with their kids and just got active.   At noon or so, Vicki DeMark led a workout class that my family.  She simplified the  workout so that our kids could be apart of the workout and feel healthy.  I took the opportunity to workout and spend some time trying to get some votes.  My son, Joshua, went up to anyone he could find and asked them to join our Genghis Grill mailing list to remind people to vote for me.  My church showed out and passed out free bottles of water to everyone they could find.

This event allowed me to show my family and my church how important working out really must be to our lives if we are to be healthy.  It also allowed us to get to know other efforts trying to get people to be healthy in the area we live.  I am so excited about the opportunities afforded to us by the DeMarks and Forrester Elementary. We are teaching people to be better followers of Christ in every area of their life.

Today was amazing and I cannot believe how amazing Forrester Elementary is.  To open there gym and cafeteria and encourage the community to  be healthy is so amazing to me.

Thanks Vicki, Mr. Davenport (the principal) and the Forrester crew for such a great Saturday.

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