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Blog Series allow a writer to deliver lots of content about a specific subject while allowing the reader not to have to search lots of places to get to it. Series also tell a reader what the main intent of the blog is, whether they should continue looking through it or not.

These series are designed to allow several blog posts to be grouped together in a way that will be helpful to the reader. I am pouring my heart and soul into each series and hope that they are helpful to you, the reader. Your time is valuable and I strive to give you my best researched and informed opinion in each post.

Feel free to comment if something strikes you. My goal is to generate discussion and foster a sense of participation. These series are designed with you in mind. If you have any suggestions for series ideas, please email me at


Current Series:

Never Beyond: A People of the Second Chance Series

Book Reviews for 2011

5 Keys to Choosing the Right Bible For You

Family Tree: Leadership Lessons From Jesus’ Past


Coming Soon:

Developing your Worldview

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