Book #11 – The Starbucks Experience

The Starbucks Experience:  5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary – Joseph A. Michelli

2007 – McGraw Hill – ISBN: 978-0-07-147784-0

The Starbucks Experience Joseph michelli

In a definitive study of the inner workings of Starbucks, Joseph Michelli identified that Starbucks is not your normal company.  The way that Starbucks views both the individual customer and employee experience as vital to its survival as a company.  Starbucks desires to see both customer and employee creativity and service as a means of accomplishing its mission.

Michelli identified 5 principles that Starbucks employs everyday through its Baristas to service people and get them to return as lifelong customers of the Starbucks brand.

  1. Make It Your Own
  2. Everything Matters
  3. Suprise and Delight
  4. Embrace Resistance
  5. Leave Your Mark

These five principles do not play out like you think and can revolutionize any business, for profit or not.  I found some great action points and enjoyed how I could find church crossover principles immediately.

Action Points:

1.  Use the five points of making it your own to train our greeters.

  • Be welcoming.
  • Be genuine.
  • Be considerate.
  • Be knowledgeable.
  • Be involved.

2. Embrace Resistance is not a form of trying not to change.  It is helping people who are resistant to change to walk through a process of changing.

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