Book #12 – The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family

the-three-big-questions-for-a-frantic-family-a-leadership-fable-about-restoring-sanity-to-the-most- Patrick LencioniThe 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family – Patrick Lencioni

2008 – Jossey-Bass – ISBN: 978-0-7879-9532-4

Patrick Lencioni never claimed to be a family therapist.  He is a management consultant.  However, in this book, he recognizes that families can be organized in a more consistent way.  This way is consistent with other leadership books that he has written.  His books normally tell a fable and then have a portion of the book that fleshes out the fable in a real way.

The 3 questions cause the two people who form the family to explore the nature of what makes their family unique and the strategy they use to accomplish the uniqueness.  It also looks to help people find a centralized rallying cry for a short term goal while they also define what the normal goals need to be.

Developing this plan gives families a way to evaluate activities in their life.  If the rallying cry is to help your children gain skills in teamwork, then sports during this time period makes sense.  However, if you working towards spending more time together as a family, then sports might not be the best thing.  There is not right nor wrong.  It’s only a matter of what works for your family and helps you to achieve the uniqueness.

This is a great book for any minister.  It helps to put into perspective that we are all frantic.  It also helps to give us an understanding that there is always time for those things that we find important.  We just have to define it.

Action Points:

1.  All families need to know what they want to accomplish and a plan to do it.

2. All families have someone responisble for designing it.

3. We cannot sacrifice good for perfect.  Too often, we allow a perfect plan that takes forever to implement take precedence over a good plan that can be implemented immediately.

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