Book #13 – The Confession

The Confession John GrishamThe Confession – John Grisham

2010 – Doubleday – ISBN: 978-0-385-52804-7

At the end of the year, Nelson Searcy did a review of his top books for 2010.  He listed The Confession as one of his top ten.  I have to admit that as a John Grisham fan, he didn’t really have to twist my arm.  The plot is inspired.  A murderer comes into a pastor’s office and confesses to a crime that another man is about to be executed for in Texas.   It is a great read and a fast plot.  The pastor acts with honor and we see denominations at their best (worst…).  The husband/wife relationship is awesome.

I won’t ruin the ending but I do think this is a great read.  You have to be aware of language but any mature adult should be able to wade through it.

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