Book #14 -Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else

training camp jon gordonTraining Camp: What the Best Do Better than the Rest – Jon Gordon

2009 – John Wiley & Sons, Inc. – ISBN: 978-0-470-46208-9

When I first saw this book at Barnes and Noble, I knew nothing about Jon Gordon and his writings.  However, after reading this book, I will definitely be checking out the greater body of his work.  This is an amazing book and I would recommend anyone reading it.

This book is a a story that revolves around Martin Jones, a running back at training camp trying to make an NFL team.  Martin hurts himself after having an amazing preseason game.  He meets Coach Ken, the line coach, who introduces him to “The Playbook.”  This playbook helps those who want to be the best recognize what they need to do to be better than good.

  1. The Best know what they truly want.
  2. The Best want it more.
  3. The Best are always striving to get better.
  4. The Best do ordinary things better than everyone else.
  5. The Best zoom-focus.
  6. The Best are mentally stronger.
  7. The Best overcome their fear.
  8. The Best seize the moment.
  9. The Best tap into a greater power than themselves.
  10. The Best leave a legacy.
  11. The Best make everyone around them better.

Action Points:

  1. What separates the good from the best is that the best know how to do 100 small things better than others.
  2. The difference between a .200 average batter (average player) and a .300 average batter (Hall of Famer) is 1.7 more hits per week.
  3. You have to focus on the fundamentals.  Those change what your outcome will be in the long run.
  4. Determine what the fundamentals for ministry look like and how we do it.


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