Book #18 – Church Diversity

church diversity coverChurch Diversity – Scott Williams

New Leaf Publishing Group – 2011 – ISBN: 978-0892217038

I was introduced to Scott through his blog,  Scott has helped me to grow as a leader and to see how issues of leadership ultimately define the church and how we are viewed in our communities.  Scott is the real deal and is as good as they come.  I just wish he were a Texas Longhorn…..

Scott’s book, Church Diversity, could not come at a more important moment in American history.  This book is a reminder of the promise the past held and the future could hold again if we were just willing.

At SAGU, I was introduced to Pentecostal history and how some of the greatest moves forwarded in the church were thwarted by men who allowed racsim and prejuidice to color the church for the negative.  I am currently the pastor of a church plant sponsored by the Southern Baptists.  We have a really bad track record of promoting diversity. However, I believe that we are seeing that change now.

This is an important book at a an important time.  My wife wondered that our little church plant already had the seeds of ethnic diversity.  She was amazed that it happened so naturally and organically.  I had to take a moment and comment on it.  While it may have been organic and natural, it has also been planned and my heartbeat for a long time.

Action Points:

  1. Assess → Believe → Change – We get paralyzed by the assessing portion afraid of what we might find or who we might offend.  Forget it and do it!
  2. Church Diversity will only get better if we confront it not bury our heads in the sand.
  3. Intentionality is the key making diversity in our churches happen.
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