Book #2 – Seven Practices of Effective Ministries

Seven Practicies of Effective Ministries – Andy Stanley/Lane Jones/Reggie Joiner

Multnomah – 2004 – ISBN: 1-59052-373

The Guys from Northpoint (for lack of better term) do a great job of helping pastors to understand what they need to do for their ministry to be effective.  This book starts as a parable and then has a very practical application section.   The two section helps those who need one side or both sides to be able to visualize and accomplish.

This book helped me before and is one I would recommend to be a once a year read.

There are Seven points that they put together:

  1. Clarify the Win – Define what is important at every level of the organization.
  2. Think Steps, Not Programs – Before you start anything, make sire it takes you where you need to go.
  3. Narrow the Focus – Do fewer things in order to make a greater impact.
  4. Teach Less for More – Say only what you need to say to the people who need to hear it.
  5. Listen to Outsiders – Focus on who you’re trying to reach, not who you’re are trying to keep.
  6. Replace Yourself – Learn to hand off what you do.
  7. Work on It – Take time to evaluate your work and celebrate your wins.
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