Book #23 – Churched: one kid’s journey toward God despite a holy mess

Churched: one kid’s journey toward God despite a holy mess – Matthew Paul Turner

Waterbrook Press – 2008 – ISBN: 978-1-4000-7471-6

A few years ago, a new genre in books was born.  The Spiritual Journey became an accepted art form in relationship to books.  In some ways, the genre feels like a diary and yet it is an important form of history that needs to be read and explored.

While I am normally a sucker for a good story, this book hit a little to close to home.  I thought just Pentecostals were fundamentalists.  It looks like anyone can be a fundamentalist about something.  I was struck during reading with just how few things people are fundamental about are really biblical.   Judgmental-ism  does not need a reason just a perception.

There are several lessons to be learned here.

1. People want to told the truth and will accept it as such if they trust the person telling them.

2. People will take what you tell them to an extreme if you tell them the same thing over and over again.

3. Just because a pastor says something does not mean that it is true.

4. God desires a relationship so much more than a list of rules that we can make up.

This book is insightful and at times funny.  It was a hard read but well worth it.  Check Turner’s blog at

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