Book #25 – Ranger’s Apprentice Series

Ranger’s Apprentice Series – John Flanagan

Book One – The Ruins of Gorlan

ISBN: 978-0142406632


While John Flanagan may be from Australia, he accurately captures the mythos of the US Army Rangers and the famed Texas Rangers and sets them in a medieval setting.  This series of books is age appropriate for boys beginning as young as 10 years old or so.  It really depends on the child.

Will Treaty is an orphan who lives in the Redmont fief of the fictional country of Arualen.  Will has always been good at stealth and getting into places but not so good at fighting.  His lifelong dream til this point has been to enter into warrior school and be as much like his father as he knows.   What he doesn’t know is that a stranger has been watching him and waiting to offer him the chance of a lifetime.

In this series, Will is trained by a mentor named Halt who ends up becoming like a father to him.  This series would be great for a father son read along and discussion time.  The series values honor, loyalty, courage and friendship.  It speaks directly to the heart of men.



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