Book #28: Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller

Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller

Thomas Nelson – 2003 – ISBN: 978-0-7852-6370-8

Blue Like Jazz tells a story of judgment and confession, mercy and grace.  This book tells of one man’s journey to find God in one of the most unlikely of places.  Blue Like Jazz is Donald Miller’s personal memoir of a unique time in his life.

Blue Like Jazz is one of the first books in a genre of books.  This genre of personal spiritual memoirs tells truths through stories of events in the writer’s life.  Donald takes us on a journey through his life but in doing so has picked some very specific topics to speak about in this book.

One of the most outstanding moments of Blue Like Jazz occurs in Chapter 11: Confession.  Reed College is one of the most free universities in the United States.  A group of students that Donald was apart of chose to reach out to the students during a festival called Ren Fayre.   During this time, this group chose to setup a confessional.  When students came to the confessional, they were sure that they were supposed to confess their sins and yet that wasn’t what this group wanted to make happen at all.  They confessed for all the sins of Christians in Jesus’ name.  It was a freeing experience to get all the baggage that Christianity carries with it and to lay it out in the open.

This book is an amazing story of one man’s journey and how all of us benefit from it being made.

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