Book #4 – Crazy Love

Crazy Love Book CoverCrazy Love – Francis Chan

David C. Cook – 2008 – ISBN:978-1-4347-6851-3

Francis Chan is definitely one of my heroes.  This book speaks to a core need that every human feels.  We need to understand that our creator loves us in a very crazy way.  The question we get asked: Will we love God back in the same way?  This book is a challenge to the American way and American Thinking. It causes us to walk outside our comfort zone and act on what we believe.  I think I know that God loves me but I am just not so sure.  If God loved me, why am I so anxiety ridden all the time?  If God really loved me, why would he challenge me and not give rest?  This book causes us to look beyond our circumstances and see the thread of Crazy Love that God weaves through our lives.

Action Points

  1. We must look at God and be in awe of how big, amazing, grand, great, over the top He really is and that He loves us.
  2. Justifying my stress proves that I don’t really live out my belief in God’s sovereignty.
  3. When you love God with crazy love, you serve him the best of your life, not the leftovers.
  4. Lukewarm living is an evidence that you are not necessarily good soil for growth.
  5. Just because you upset your life does not mean that you are crazy in love with God.
  6. Because others have lived this way, you can too (Rachel Saint, Rich Mullins, etc.).
  7. Every person has to figure this out for themselves (We each need to discover for ourselves hos to live this day in faithful surrender to God as we “continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling” [Phil. 2:12] pg. 163.).
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