Book 36: Onward

Last month, Howard Schultz missed an opportunity to speak to my process when he removed himself from the 2011 WCA Global Leadership Summit.   Bill Hybels, the pastor of Willow Creek, does a great job explaining the situation here.

I purchased his book, Onward, prior to knowing that he had pulled out from the conference.   Feeling a little persecuted,  I chose to take my gold card and purchase a cup of coffee and plow through Schultz’s book.  I enjoyed reading his first book, Pour Your Heart Into It, so I assumed that I would enjoy this one.  I have to admit that I did my best to keep my personal views from impacting how I perceived the lessons Schultz would share.

Ridiculously short summary: Schultz details the reinvention of Starbucks as the company weathers the last few years of economic uncertainty and its need to become an innovator again without losing its identity.

This book is a great read for leaders who are serving a second time or who are having to transition their followers through a difficult time.  I think several pastors who find themselves in churches that have stagnated and need to reinvent their image would definitely benefit.  The goals of reinvention allowed Starbucks to achieve a new way of balancing the needs of the investor with the needs of the consumer.  Shultz displays unique care for the company and prompts major changes in the way that Starbucks does business without losing its Starbuckiness.

Take some time and add this book to your reading list.  You should gain some insight into to how we are to reinvent the method with which we share the gospel while maintaining the message with which we have been entrusted.

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