Book #38: O Me of Little Faith

O me of little faith: True Confessions of A Spiritual Weakling

Jason Boyett – Zondervan – 2010 – ISBN: 978-0-310-28949-4

Christians do not have doubts about Jesus, God, or the virgin birth.  True Christians “walk by faith, not by sight.”  Christians know everything every minute of the day about every thing that they have ever seen or heard because the Bible tells us everything about everything we ever need to know.   Jason Boyett dispels these and other myths in book, O Me of Little Faith.

Doubts…  Everyone has them.  Not everyone explores them honestly.  However, Boyett examines the ins and outs of doubt in the Christian life in a very open and honest way.   This taboo subject often keeps Christians from being able to be open and honest and to explore the Christian faith with clarity.

The vitality of doubt allows for faith.  Without uncertainty, faith and trust cannot exist.  It cannot grow.  An element of doubt designs the moment for faith to occur.  This intangible of the Christian faith borders on insanity at times.   We believe even when we do not know.  If we don’t have doubt, we cannot walk beyond the veil of what we see.

If you struggle with having doubt and still being a Christian, this book does great things and you need to read it.  The brings to life all the areas where doubt can paralyze us.  Prayer, feeling alone, and even our salvation often feel tedious and hard because our doubts grind these to halt.  Doubt can be an energizing force if we just let give it a name and help it to guide us in the ways we need to follow Christ.


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