Book #5 – Funded and Free

funded and free casey graham joe sanglFunded and Free – Casey Graham/Joe Sangl

NIN Publishing – 2010 – ISBN 978-1-4507-1763-2

In November, I had a chance to meet Casey and begin having coach me and our church in trying to be “Funded and Free.”  This book has become one that I keep close to me and have when I just have a chance to read.

It is a collection of short chapters that each have a lesson.  They are well written and well thought out.  Casey is a great teacher.

Three lessons really stand out to me:

  1. Create an O&O fund.  This fund is designed to help your church make it through obstacles and take advantage of opportunities.
  2. Want something for people, not from them.  Our goals in raising money should be about what we want for people.  We want the idol of greed or fear of not having enough to be smashed in people’s lives.
  3. Be a generous church.  The more you are generous, the more others around you will be generous.  Lead the way in giving.

This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone (Pastor, XP, Financial Team Member, Member of a church) who wants to help their local church be better with money.  After all, every dollar is someone’s act of worship.

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