Book #40: With

With: Reimagining The Way You Relate to God
Skye Jethani – Thomas Nelson – 2011 – ISBN: 978-1-5955-5379-9

Skye Jethani presents a view of five postures that allow people to live lives near God.  According to Jethani, four of these postures permeate the Christian life.   Jethani believes the fifth posture to be what God desires in relationships with humans.

Life Under God and Life Over God, the first two of these postures, are rooted in the same behaviors but have different motivations.  The first compels us that if we follow God’s rules, we will be blessed.  The second states that if we control God by following his rules, we can get what we want.

Life From God and Life For God also possess similar characteristics (This is the reason most churches try to move people between these two types of life to experience God).  Life from God recognizes that we get all of our life from him and so we should serve him.   Life for God says that  we should live our lives for God because of what he has done for us.

Life with God means that we begin to treasure just being with God more than we can use Him to get (pg 110).   I think this book completely boils down to attitude.  What kind of attitude do I have toward God?  How am I living with Him?

My issue with this book…

I did not like or dis-like this book.  I am just confused by it.  Jethani uses prose that is hard to understand and difficult to decipher.  His basic premise requires us to look at heart motivations (which is good) but discounts a growth process.  We do not necessarily need a reimagining as much as we need to grow up.  When we come to God, our perceptions of Him say more about us than they do about Him.  As we read Scripture and grow, we realize that God is bigger than we think.

I really cannot recommend this book to anyone who has recently come to their faith.  As someone who loves discipling people, I had such high hopes that were never realized in this book.

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