Book #41: Poke The Box

Poke The Box – Seth Godin

2011 – Do You Zoom, Inc. – ISBN: 978-1-936719-00-6

Recently, I have tried to read a bunch of Seth Godin.  The dude challenges me like no one else.  Ever since, I read The Dip, I seem to gravitate to Seth’s honest prose.  He tells the truth and tells like no one else does.

Poke the Box carries the message of starting something.  Our society has knocked the ability to start something out of our education.  We desire perfection and refuse to allow failures.  In fact, failure contains a stigma that cannot be easily shaken.  If you fail, you must be unlucky.  It must be that you weren’t good enough.  It cannot be that sometimes failures happen because you are trying something that has never been done before you attempted it.

Go start something.  Get something going.  Be the innovator and don’t wait for someone else to try.  If you fail, who cares.  If you start, you may inspire someone else to try.  If you don’t, who will.

This book has some umph and helps the reader to get a vision for starting something.  Check it out.



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