Book #6 – Making Vision Stick

Making Vision Stick – Andy Stanley

Zondervan – 2007 – ISBN: 987-0-310-28305-8

making vision stick andy stanleyAndy Stanley is one of the all time best when it comes to vision and creating it.  He is pastor of NorthPoint Community Church.  I discovered him a few years ago while attending a Catalyst Conference in Atlanta.

This book outlines five action points to “Making Vision Stick”

  1. State the Vision Simply.
  2. Cast the Vision Convincingly.
  3. Repeat the vision regularly.
  4. Celebrate the vision systematically.
  5. Embrace the vision personally.

When vision goes off-track you have to own it and he gives some tips to keep it on track (think steps not programs).  Vision slippage is gauged by watching new projects, new programs, new products, requests, complaints, and stories.

I think another valuable portion of this book was the discussion between questions, complaints and stories.   Complaints are like questions in that both communicate values.  Stories celebrate those values.

This book is insightful and helpful.  The length definitely helps (it is only 74 pages).  Great to help make the vision God has given you outlast you.

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