Book #8 – The Testament

john grisham the testament The Testament – John Grisham

Delta – 2005 – ISBN-10: 0385339585

What would you do if you inherited 11 billion dollars?  For the Phelan family, it was never intended to be.  Troy Phelan leaves his entire fortune to an illegitimate child who has become a missionary in South America.  For the lawyer sent to find her, this event leads to a path of redemption.

This is a great book.  There is a some language but it has an amazing story of repentance and growth.   The main characters are flawed and require help to really choose the right way.

I hadn’t read it in years and I would highly recommend it.  The best lesson/action point I came away with is that faith in people is always rewarded.  Be careful where your faith gets put.

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