Book #9 – The Celtic Way of Evangelism

the celtic way of evangelism book george hunterThe Celtic Way of Evangelism – George G. Hunter III

Abingdon – 2000 – ISBN: 0-687-08585-3

George Hunter does a great job of looking at the way the early Celtic church starting with Patrick did evangelism.  I would classify this as a history book, however, it’s not your typical one.  This book does a chapter by chapter analysis and comparison of the difference between Roman and Celtic approaches to culture.  Hunter does a great job of pointing how Patrick had learned the culture during his enslavement and hurtled himself back into the culture as a Bishop to change it.

I found this presentation of cultural approaches to be a great tool to understanding our own culture and how Roman and Greek thought have shaped it.

Roman Approach to evangelism involved a presentation, decision then fellowship.

The Celtic model of evangelism involved having fellowship, ministry and conversations followed by belief and an invitation to commitment.

This sounds so much like what we do and want outside of church.  Why can’t we do it inside?

Action Points:

  1. Recognize and re-pattern Hope Community’s draw for evangelism to be more relational and Celtic in nature.
  2. Learn more about the concepts of ethos, logos, and pathos in communication.
  3. Reach out in relationships more than just a presentation and expectation of commitment.
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