Calf Sleeves

I feel like an old man and less like an athlete.  I have had shin splints since the second week of the contest.  I have struggled to run and find myself unable to finish my three miles.  My right shin has been killing me every time I try to run.    So I have been on the bike.

In some ways this depressed me.  So many of my goals have been tied to running.  I want to run a half marathon.  I want to run a tough mudder.  If I can’t run those goals are seriously in jeopardy.  I needed help.

So I went to some running stores that wanted to sell me new shoes.  Others wanted to sell me insoles for my shoes.  I stopped by Academy looking for a cheap alternative.   One of the guys suggested these sleeves for my legs.

They cover my calf and my shin.  They provide heat therapy while I am running.  I bought one to try out.  Tonight it worked like a champ.  I was able to run with my right leg not hurting.  I need to pick one more up and see how it works for my left leg.

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