Carbon Copy: Do you need a prayer manager?

prayer handsDo you keep track of your prayers? Do you keep track of answers and tell God thanks when a prayer is answered?

All of us need a way to keep track of prayer requests and answers.

  • Hand written journal –  These can be invaluable because you can see how much you have grown over the years.  I have a journal in which I wrote all my prayers for a wife.  It’s amazing to look at some things and think how in the world did I pray for that trait.  It’s amazing to see how many things Michelle matches up to in them.
  • Some people use a blog.  These effective ways of keeping track allow people to see them and you can move them as you need.
  • A great website has come up with a unique way to track your prayers and remind yourself.  Echo Prayer ( allows you to have text messages sent to your phone for specific reminders.   You can schedule yourself a reminder at any time during the day and receive a text to pray.   It’s very effective.

All of us need a prayer manager of some sort.  Find yours today!


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