Carbon Copy: Waiting

In his book, a scandalous beauty, Thomas Schmidt recalls the death and burial of his daughter.  He tells of how she died by drowning and is buried in an old cemetery looking over the ocean which he visits often.  In that cemetery, there is an old granit bench that has the word, “WAITING,” carved into it.

We have been promised an amazing inheritance.   Matthew 5 tells us that those of us who recognize the poorness of our spirit will inherit God’s kingdom.  One day, it will all be ours.  Just not today.  For centuries, the waiting has been carved into the hearts and souls of men and women who have stood their ground waiting for God to deliver on this promise.  Paul, Peter, Polycarp, Francis, Patrick, Catherine were men and women who stood waiting for the promise.

We have options to sit still while waiting or be true stewards of this gift and stand up for what God is asking of us.  For some of us that may be that we are just fighting to survive while others are advancing and thriving.  Whatever it is, the answer is to “go to the mattresses.”  Fight as hard as you can.  Fight with all you have in you.


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