Surfing for God

 Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle

Michael John … More


A week ago Friday, I had the opportunity to go to the new … More

Too Comfortable? Magic Mike and the Art of Taking it OFF

I challenge men all the time.  I challenge them to live … More

Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After

Craig Groeschel serves as lead pastor at Lifechurch. I have come to respect him as a leader and mentor from afar by reading his other books. This book, Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After, conveys everything I have come to expect from him. More

Hunger Games – Midnight Show

I started reading The Hunger Games shortly after I started this competition.  At … More

Process Resource: Real Marriage

realmarriageReal Marriage – Mark Driscoll

2012 – ISBN-13: … More

Preaching with a woman….

I am finally putting today to sleep.  Eventful could not describe the day. However, the best part of it came when I spoke with my wife this morning.


The Wedding

I pastor Hope Community Church.  As such, I get the opportunity … More

Guest Post: Cimbrey Brannan – The Brannan Brief

Cimbrey Brannan is blogging her journey of adoption from the African nation of Ethiopia on her blog, The Brannan Brief.  … More