I miss Bruce…..

It’s funny how animals can play such a large role in out lives.  Some … More


A week ago Friday, I had the opportunity to go to the new … More

“One Riot, One Ranger!” – Texas History

In Texas History, Texas Rangers hold a supreme place of honor.  They were … More

Too Young to Blog?

I don’t claim to be a parenting expert.  I also don’t claim to have … More

Parenting Resource: Spirit Fighter

Spirit Fighter – Jerel Law

2012 – Thomas Nelson- ISBN-13: 978-1400318438

In … More

Faith vs Fear

This week we celebrate Easter.  We celebrated Jesus’ choice not … More

I gotta get my abs…

My kids found a free app for ab workouts on Aidan’s kindle.  They have … More

Dinner with Aidan

Aidan loves Genghis Grill.  He loves to put together his “recipes” and … More

My Dinner Date

My kids loved the idea of having dinner with Dad individually at Genghis … More

My Lunch Buddy

This is Joshua.  Joshua rests in the middle between Aidan … More