Detoxing from Religion

Two days ago, I joined a group of people who are reading through Matthew and Detox for the Overly Religious by David Putnam.  Our goal is to spend the next thirty days in Detox together.  I posted this today on the Detox website,

I have recently started a blog that explores the phrase, “My process of becoming.”  If I am completely and totally dependent on God for my existence and change from moment to moment then God is the being and I am a becoming.  So detox for me is a way to alter my process of becoming in such a way that I am more dependent on God to determine the process of what I look like when I am finished.   I cannot wait to have my process look more like how Jesus lived, loved, and left behind.

Sometimes in my arrogance, I forget that I do not possess aseity.  I cannot.  I have to deal with time as linear even though I believe that God deals with it a different way. I recently heard Erwin McManus explain that time is like water that goes out in all directions.  It’s like there are thousands of different timelines existing all at once until we make a decision.  Then the timelines snap down into the one I find myself living inside.

Today I choose to detox myself from religion and so my timeline will be filled with moments that look like how Jesus lived, loved, and left behind.

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