Dinner with Aidan

Aidan loves Genghis Grill.  He loves to put together his “recipes” and then watch them be cooked on the grill.  Tonight, I have our leadership team meeting for our church but I wanted to be able to spend some one on one time with Aidan.

I love that Aidan has proven himself to be a great kid.  He has started to shape into the man that he will be for the rest of his life.  We have defined manhood at our house: A man is someone who rejects passivity and accepts responsibility because of his relationship with God.  Aidan walks that path.

He has learned that with great power comes great responsibility.  We both love Spider-man obviously but its more than just that.  Aidan as the firstborn has so many more responsibilities because he has had to learn that his brother and sister look to him to show them how to act.

I am so very proud of Aidan.  He is my gift from God and hopefully he will be a better man than I am.

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