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Andy Stanley is pastor of North Point Community Church.  He has been an amazing mentor from afar.  You can subscribe or check Andy’s Leadership podcast here.  Check him out!  You won’t regret it.  As usual, I have listed my action points at the end of the notes.

Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast 3/4/2011:

Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. This keeps our hearts, as pastors, tender.

Pushback: It’s not fair.  Fairness is not a leadership strategy.  Fairness ended in the garden of Eden.  Don’t try to be fair.  Try to do the right thing.

What if you had an organization full of people who will do for one instead of an organization who

Because of our need for fairness, we miss the powerful leadership tool of symbolic leadership.  We must quit making the excuse of “because I cannot do for all, I won’t do at all.

Three tips for living this out:

  1. Go deep with one or two instead of going wide with many.
  2. Go long term instead of short term.  Don’t parachute, pat them on the back and leave.  Walk with them no matter how it turns out.
  3. Go time, not just money.  It’s not that hard to write a check.  Time is the more valuable resource.  Value is added to everyone who hears the story and is inspired to do for one.

Action Points:

  1. We all get nudged to do things for someone.  Answer it.
  2. We have to be wise in how we go deep.
  3. We have to train our families to understand that sometimes it looks like we are getting swallowed up but that it really means God is using us in this process.  Just because someone wants to meet at 10 pm at night does not mean I am truly being swallowed up. Can’t sacrifice the family but need to balance the ministry.
  4. We have to be strong enough as leaders to take the fairness criticism and challenge that person to do for one.
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