Do you stink?

Scripture: II Corinthians 2:14-17

Observation:  Paul likens our relationship with Christ to smell.  To some, we smell like Christ.  To others we smell like death.  He reminds us we are not peddlers who sell something cheap.  When we live like Christ we serve (commissioned by God) sincerely (with all our hearts).  These things purchase the authority we need to speak about God.
Application: What do you smell like? The other day a friend of mine informed me that he had created an odor in the car.  Let me tell you it was not a pleasant smell.  To some extent we cannot create what we smell like to some people.  Paul says some will smell us and all they will smell is death.  They choose not to follow God and unless they change we cannot change what odor they sniff.  To others, all they smell is Christ on us.  They smell us and they experience true excitement at our presence.  We have a responsibility for the smell we create.  The more we act like Jesus the more we smell like him.   So what do you smell like?

Prayer: Dear God, I want to smell more like Jesus.  Help me to understand so that my actions might smell more like him.

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  1. Interesting comparison between the aroma of Christ and (uh, hmmm) flatulence. 🙂
    I think there’s also an aspect of smell in sacrifice as in Numbers 29:2: “and you shall offer a burnt offering, for a pleasing aroma to the LORD.” Surprisingly enough, the Greco-Roman culture was rampant with pagan sacrifice too with aromatic contingencies. So Paul is hitting a double whammy home-run with this cultural tie-in.

    Thanks for this excellent reminder of wreaking of the fragrance of Christ.

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