Evolve or Die…

So often, we forget Darwin was right on a very fundamental level.  I know a pastor admitting that evolution exists.  Well, let’s be honest.  Darwin observed micro-evolution and assumed macro-evolution.   What does that mean?  Darwin observed changes a small level (adaptations to survive – survival of the fittest) and assumed these changes must occur on a drastic large scale.  Therefore, micro changes in the way that monkeys adapt must be carried out in a large way to form a new species – homo sapiens.

While I doubt the correctness of Darwin’s assumption, his overall assumption is correct.  When a species stops adapting to its environment, we die.  The problem with humans rests in the fact that some of our adaptations while they cheapen costs actually increase problems with our overall ability to survive.  Due to large scale implementation of sugary products, we overindulge and cause our bodies to adapt in a very unhealthy way.

Processed foods are cheaper no doubt about it but they are not better.  And cheaper off brands are not necessarily the same thing.  My wife and I were looking at an off brand of Apple Jacks that were definitely cheaper by about $0.30.  However, the carbs and calories were higher and the dietary fiber lower.  Not helpful in trying to help my kids be better without completely removing all access to sugary cereals.

Like Spiderman, I can evolve or I can die early.  Those are my choices.  I know which one I am choosing.

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