Faith vs Fear

This week we celebrate Easter.  We celebrated Jesus’ choice not to tap out to his own will but to the will of His Father.  We celebrate the not my will but your will choice.

Scripture tells us Easter serves several purposes.  The atonement for sin is made.  The victory over death is secured.  But as an add on to these, God allows for our faith to begin being more than just mere thought.  God develops a strategy to remind humanity that actions prove our beliefs.  James tells us faith without works is dead.

Is your Faith bigger than your fear?

Are you willing to step out into something larger than you can possibly handle on your own?

If you are, then you have to recognize only with God can you accomplish it….

Sometimes we miss out.  Sometimes we don’t let our faith overcome our fears.

But on those rare times when we overcome our fears and our faith is bigger….  Oh it’s those moments heaven waits for today.

Let your faith over come your fears and attempt something unsafe.  Attempt something major today!!!

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