Fretting and Leading

Scripture: Psalm 37:5-7

Observation: The Psalmist writes to any who follow God. The verses preceding these tells people to commit their ways to the Lord and he will give them the desires of their hearts. In these specific verses, the Psalmist encourages the listener to leave the accomplishment to God. Wait patiently. Don’t let anyone’s successes or failures drive you.

Application: So often as followers of Christ, we want to point out what everyone around us has received from God. We feel entitled to what others get and because of that we often do not wait patiently on God. We begin a comparison game that only ends in our fretting and ultimately in our bitterness. We did not get what they got.

Our church did not grow as fast. My job does not accomplish as much as his does. Our raise didn’t get here as soon as hers did. My stuff is not as cool as other people’s.

If we would only actively wait on God and be patient as he is working things out we might see them for the growth opportunities they present.

Prayer: Father, help me to trust. Help me not to fret but to wait patiently as you give. Thanks for choosing me and helping me to grow.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It ministered to me.

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