Hamburgers and what my future was!

I saw this news story this morning and I could not let it go without commenting today on my blog.  A man at a restaurant named for a serious condition of the heart experiences a heart attack.   Imagine that.  He received the burger free because of the amount of weight he was carrying around.

The restaurant features women in sexy nursing uniforms and fake doctor’s running all over the place.   Hamburgers named for bypass surgery.  Really is this where we are today as a nation?

I have to admit that I would probably be a silent offender.  I would probably not have gone this far publicly but I have gone this far privately.  I ate however I wanted.  I ate too much and was headed for a heart attack.

I love burgers.  I love bacon and cheese and mayonnaise and anything bad you can imagine.  Throw some avocado on it and call it healthy.   Woohoo!

My future was one way and now it is already different.  I have learned to view food not as luxury to just be consumed.  It is something I use to fuel my body.  I wish I could get this message out to this restaurant.  We could help so many more people understand and begin to work towards something.

We glut ourselves when our needs are out of balance.  We use certain things to fill other needs that they were never intended to fill.  Life isn’t so pitiful that we have to waste it.

Don’t have a heart attack!  It’s avoidable.  If you want to do something death defying, jump out of plane or go cliff diving.  Shoot just get on a treadmill or bike.  Skip the bypass and enjoy your life!


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