Holy Week Traditions

stations at the shrine of san juanDuring the week of Easter (Holy Week), I have begun to enjoy a certain traditions. I try to read at least one book that talks about Jesus’ death and resurrection. I also like to concentrate on Jesus’ death through a tradition I learned in the RGV.

I had an opportunity to walk the Stations of the Cross for the first time in Jerusalem on my trip to Israel when I was a student. A few of us began to recognize the value of this tradition while I was working at Baptist Temple in McAllen, Texas. We contacted the Shrine and began to lead groups through them.

This amazing tradition allows us to recreate the path that Jesus walked and visualize his walk to the cross. This tradition was created by the Catholic church and has been modified most recently by Pope John Paul II in 1991.

This guide was developed in relationship to the Stations of the Cross at the San Juan Basilica in San Juan, Texas. Click on the link below to download them.

Mara McDonald has also helped me to revise this document this year.


The Stations of the Cross

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