I love Calisthenics!

Ok if you missed yesterday, then let me catch you up.

I spent three hours in the gym last night and thirty minutes earlier in the day on the bike trying to get out of working out.  This morning when I went and road the bike it was to stretch out my legs after last night.

Tonight when we went to the gym, Sherman joked with me about our parking space saying we would need to park closer due to the nature of tonight’s workout.

We started with intervals on the treadmill.  This staple will be part of every workout from now on.   I made it to 1.7 miles which was five intervals of two minutes walking and two minutes running.  In the last two minute run, I had to concentrate on people because I was dying.  This 30 seconds is for Sherman’s family who sacrifices for me.  This 30 seconds is so that I can see Aidan graduate high school.  This 30 seconds is so I can grow old with my wife.  This 30 seconds is for Joshua and this 30 seconds is for Gab.

Then we moved onto to calisthenics.  Fifteen (15) situps and Ten (10) pushups.  This equals one set.  If you break at any point, then you start all over.  Believe me when I say Sherman had to listen to a lot of crap from me while we were trying to do it.    This workout is not fun but it is necessary.

We moved onto bench presses and a reduced twenty one.  Three sets.  Then we finished with the sauna routine from last night.

I learned one lesson two times during my workout.   My core is not strong enough to hold my body up the way it needs to do so.  Every time I broke in the middle of a workout was because my core couldn’t hold me.  In the fifth interval, my core wouldn’t hold me and I had to support myself on the bars of the treadmill to keep running.  Second, when I was in my third set of situps/pushups, I lost it because I wasn’t using proper form.  I wasn’t losing proper form because my core would not hold me.

As of today, I have lost seven pounds.  The scale read 244.2 this morning when I got on it and I started this journey at 251.   We will see what happens next.

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