Is God using you as the pen that writes human history?

The Pen that is Writing Human History – Erwin McManus

Sermon Notes:

Isaiah 43:14-24

Most people are trapped in the past, disconnected from the present, and ignore the future.

We should have a proper relationship with Time:

  1. Build on the Past
  2. Live in the Present
  3. Live for the Future

Put away the former things and stop living in the past.  Building and living are two different things.  Don’t forget.  Intelligent memory involves gleaning from the past so that you can live in the present.  The past carries with it the power to provoke faith.

Let 2011 change you in such a way that it redefines your community of faith.  The basic essence of human existence: to hold onto the past makes us feel like our lives are slipping away, yet when we embrace the new we are filled with life and vibrancy.

We need to learn to use the past to live our best in the present and to create a better future.

Luck is John Doe for God. Time is not linear until we make a choice then all other futures close to us.  We have to use our past to make great choices in the present to create the future God wants.

Application Points:

  1. I need to understand that I question God’s sovereignty when I choose to be trapped in my past.
  2. I need to let go of the past and build on it to be a better pastor, father, husband, and follower of Jesus.
  3. I need to see beyond myself and see what God wants to create in the future with me.
  4. We don’t need luck.  I need to be wise in the choices I am making.
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