Joy Genome: How Obedience and Joy go hand in hand

Over the last few weeks, my wife have been priviledged to be part of an unfolding story of obedience.  We participated through prayer… and yet somehow we found ourselves in the middle of the story.

Lisa’s side:

Lisa and Greg Younce are our daughter’s God-parents with Lisa and Brian Jones.  Both couples are amazing people.  Greg and Lisa have been faithful through three job losses and countless hard times over the last few years.  Michelle and I have participated in their story with every prayer we could.  Below is a video of what God has done in this story.


Trust in Him … a story – HD from _creative arts on Vimeo.


Our Side:

A few years ago, we gave away one of our two cars to someone who desperately needed it.  Then for more than a year, a couple from our church loaned us a car.  We moved to SA to church plant.  We have done so as a one car family.

Because of the obedience of the donor who gave to Lisa and Lisa’s obedience to give to us, we have a second car again.  This van will allow us to do amazing things at the church plant.

God blesses obedience and gives us joy as we give.   Thank you God, Greg and Lisa, and unnamed person for listening and following in obedience.


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