Key #3: Understandability

[This is part of the series: 5 Keys to Choosing The Right Bible for You.]

Blood…  red liquid that flows through a person’s veins.  Blood brings life to all the cells.  Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to each cell and carries the waste away.  However, most people miss the fact that a second part to blood exists.  Because of the red color of blood, the white often gets overlooked.

The white blood cells carry death in each cell.  They carry death for any disease that tries to attack the body.  They take out anything that would threaten the health of the organism.

Most people think readability and understandability are the same thing.  To me these are two different things.  Readability refers to a person’s ability to read and comprehend a passage.  Just like red blood cells, most of the work often occurs through readability.  You must have knowledge of each word.  However, Understandability really takes into account the type of language the translation uses.  Like white blood cells, understandability does a very specific job.

Why divide these?  Because so many translations do not take into account your native tongue.    Some translations received updates but their original language comes from a form a English, not our current version.  Some translations contain too many new references to challenge your understandability and readability to grow.

You want something a little further than you currently are to stretch you but not too far that you miss the meaning of what is going on with the text.

Funny, Sunday school originally taught kids to read using the Bible.  Children were used as free labor and did not always have the chance to learn to read.

I am currently evaluating criteria to measure understandability.   Never fear.  I will have them defined by the time we start our evaluations of versions.

[This is part of the series: 5 Keys to Choosing The Right Bible for You.]

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