Killer Comparisons

Recently, God has been dealing with me about comparing myself with other people.  I look at what he has done with or for them and immediately wonder what I did or didn’t do for God not to bless me the same way.


The only person you can be better than is who you were yesterday.

A year contains exactly 365 &  1/4 days.  Each day serves a new adventure and a new opportunity for you to follow him better than you did yesterday. Every day brings new opportunities for you to make life changes that make your life look more like Jesus.  You need a plan and then you need to work your plan.

What steps will you take to accomplish it?  Here are some thoughts:

1.  Set up a Bible reading plan on to challenge you.

2. Start meeting with a friend to keep you accountable.  One willing to read the same scriptures and call you out when you don’t follow Jesus.  A call-out by a friend serves better than someone you had authority over you.

3.  Look for ways to make practical growth in the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22).  Look for ways to love, to bring peace, to practice goodness, kindness, or gentleness.

4. Get in a Community Group.  This group of people can bring hope by sharing the gospel and provide accountability to you in your life.

Whatever you do, 365 days will come and go.  Develop a personal growth plan and get to it.  Make goals.  Set up places to be.  Most importantly, morph to look more like Jesus.

You have just finished reading “Killer Comparisons” written for  Please take a few minutes and share what you think with me by email or by leaving a comment below.  Thanks and praying for you. – dp

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