Mental Shift…

Identity…  Who we are?  Who defines us?  Who says who we are?

There is a shift that is occurring in my mind and thinking right now.  I am someone who works out and is trying to lose weight or am I an athlete.  Your shape, your weight, your body type cannot define this in your brain.

You do need an external force to define it for you.  The question is who?  Who tells you who you are?  Who gives shape to the concept that you images your abilities in your head?

Your parents….  Is your mom or dad that nagging little voice that tells you who you are?

Your spouse….  Do they get to say if you are one way or the other?

Do people define you?

For me, I am realizing more and more that God has to be the one who tells me who I am and why I exist. Those other voices carry subjective criticism that does not give life.  They take it.  They steal it away from you.

God gives life.  God breathes it into you.  God defines your identity and your worth.   You were broken.  No longer will you be.

You are an athlete that can accomplish what you need to do.

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