My Dinner Date

My kids loved the idea of having dinner with Dad individually at Genghis Grill.  So today, I thought I would have a dinner date with my daughter Gabriella.  I am learning to be a good dad and trying to grow and learn.

Everyone has to learn to be a good parent.  The first step is spending time with your child and getting to know them.  Spending time with them gives you time to observe them and observe who they are on the inside.  It allows you anticipate things and to prioritize the things you want them to know.   Gabriella is learning from me what she can expect from men.   She is learning what someone needs to do to earn (yes I said it, earn) her hand.

The second secret is not about money but it is about currency.  Think of your time with your child like a bank.  If you are constantly making withdrawals with no deposits into your kids you will soon lose out on them.   Deposits don’t have to be expensive.   They can be fun.   Today’s lunch was just a moment where I could deposit into Gabriella’s love bank and show her how special she really is.


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