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Shame.  This word carries power in our society.  We learned this week in the last week of MY Secret that condemnation creates shame.  Often, shame tends to center on issues of sexuality.  For women, the most common issue of shame occurs when a woman has been sexually abused.  For men, porn can follow them like a noose around their necks.  They carry shame with them and don’t know where to find help or resources that will allow them to break free from the cycles they stumble into daily.   These two resources have helped me or people I know to find answers to problems they are experiencing with shame.

Intimate Issues serves to help women find answers to common questions that they have about their sexuality.  The section on sexual abuse answers so many issues in such an amazing fashion.

Porn Again Christians helps men to have a frank and relevant discussion about pornography and masturbation.  Both of these topics contain a stigma that had perpetuated sin.  Men tend to view these topics as a rite of manhood.   This books combats that concept.

Intimate Issues – Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pontus – ISBN: 978-0307444943

Porn Again Christian – Mark Driscoll – Get it here.

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