My Secret – Leadership and Self-Deception

Leadership and Self-Deception – Arbinger Institute – ISBN: 978-1576759776

In this fictional story, we meet Tom Callum. Tom has just gotten a job with a major company on the rise, Zagrum.  Tom goes to his meeting with Bud Jefferson only to find out that he has a problem.  Bud informs him that everyone has the same problem.   Self-Deception.

This problem lies at the root of most production issues as well as most people issues.  We deceive ourselves about how good we are and how bad others are.

Self-deception means that we exist inside a box towards other people.  We get in it by deceiving ourselves about the person hood of the other person.  We treat them like objects and continue to use people through blame to justify our lack of ability to achieve or do more.  We also refuse to see others’ dreams and hopes.  We heap untruths on them all the while denying the truth that God has gifted them to us.

This book recommendation comes on the heels of my sermon on Sunday.  I have been preaching on Secrets and Sunday’s sermon touched on lying.  I quoted this book in the sermon and would love to pass it on to you.  This book is a great resource about how the first person we often lie to is ourselves.


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